ZORA Online Creative Writing Course for Black Women & Women of Colour




ZORA Online

Online Creative Writing Course for Black Women & Women of Colour

Do you love reading? Do you often think about writing your own pieces but struggle starting or maintaining the momentum once you’ve begun? Whether it’s time constraints or lack of inspiration, most writers and creatives struggle with this at some point in their writing lives. ZORA, our new online creative writing course is designed to boost your creative confidence, and help you find your writing voice.


What will I do on the course?

The ZORA course is a very practical course, using specific exercises, which you can be used as stand-alone activities, or they can be worked into a project that you are already working on. Each week will cover a specific theme such as character, setting, and narration,a and dialogue. We’ll also explore existing works by black women and women of colour writers.  Saturdays and Sundays will focus on channeling creativity, and exploring poetry and performance writing. By the end of the course, you will have a collection of completed prose, poetry and performance pieces; and a writing toolkit with a range of exercises, reading materials, starter-sentences, images, soundtracks and more!



How much time will it take?

The ZORA course is designed to fit around busy and hectic lifestyles so there are no set times to be online, but we do recommend spending 20 minutes to an hour on each assignment.  Full instructions will be emailed to a participants a few days before the course starts.



Who is it for?

Black women and women of colour who want  to nurture their creative writing practise. This is an online course for women around the globe. There will be an online forum for you to interact with other participants.



Next course dates: 7th January to 7th February 2019

Where: Online





“I loved the course and it definitely ignited a fire in me!  I found the hints and tips super useful and will keep them to refer to as I carry on my writing journey. Thank you so much!”


“The course helped me with finding techniques to continuously write. It brought back my passion for my hobby. It also gave me the confidence to get out there and share my work.”


“Thank you for creating this course for those of us who are just starting our journey and who also have limited time during the week to attend face-to-face sessions”


“As I primarily write non-fiction, this course helped me think about how I was writing differently. It allowed me to realize that fiction and non-fiction aren’t as different as they seem, especially when writing personal essays. When I was able to complete the assignments I felt empowered to write what was true to me and confident in that.”





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