Are you struggling to finish your work-in-progress? Stuck on the first three chapters, and not sure what to do about your main character? Are you tired of rejections, or you are finally ready to start writing that book? If this sounds like you, sign up for our mentoring programme – The Next Chapter!

The Next Chapter! Is a mentoring programme designed for those currently working on or embarking on a writing project. This could be a novel, a poetry collection, a short story collection or a memoir. All mentees will receive feedback on their work over a period of 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, mentees will have a four-month period in which to complete their projects and will receive a full manuscript assessment from an editor or a published writer in their genre. Mentees will also be invited to meet with a literary agent or publisher. 

The programme is designed to work around any lifestyle with communication via email and Zoom.

The scheme will run from January 2023 and will last 12 – 16 months.  

Applications are now open.


Over the course of 12 months, mentees will be offered 4 – 6 written feedback reports based on submissions of material from their writing project. For example, you could submit the first 3 chapters of your novel/memoir and then receive a report on those chapters, and in the following session, you would submit the next three chapters.

 Or, you could submit the entire manuscript at the start of the programme, and then receive a report based on the manuscript, and in the next session, you would submit the redraft either in part or in its entirety. The mentoring will be personalised to suit your needs. 

At the end of the mentoring period, mentees will submit their complete draft for a manuscript assessment by a second reader – either an editor or a published writer writing in the same genre. 

Finally, mentees will be invited to meet with a literary agent or publisher to pitch their work. 

Who should apply?

 The Next Chapter! Is open to all Black Women and Women of Colour writers living anywhere in the world. The programme is designed to support those who want to complete their work-in-progress with the support of a mentor. Unlike the REWRITE ACADEMY, which focuses on community support and peer feedback, the Next Chapter! Is a highly-personalised writing programme designed to support you along your writing journey. 

The scheme has been designed to fit around any lifestyle, with deadlines set 2-3 months apart, and a generous four-month period at the end of your mentoring sessions to complete your project and submit it for a full manuscript assessment by a second reader.

 By the end of the programme, you should have a completed book that has gone through at least one full round of edits.

We recommend that you have written at least 7,000 words of your book project ( or seven short stories / 25 poems) before applying, to ensure we support your creative vision rather than lead it. 

We accept writers working on:

  • Novels (adult fiction, all genres)
  • Memoirs
  • Short story collections
  • Poetry collections


Who will I work with?

The mentoring sessions will be led by REWRITE Founder, Christina Fonthes, and mentees will be paired with second readers according to the genre. 

The agent/publisher meet is a unique opportunity to find out more about the industry and to get practical advice about working with agents and publishers, as well as the chance to pitch your book. All agents, editors and writers will be working within the traditional publishing industry in the UK. REWRITE has previously worked with: Bernardine Evaristo, Emma Watson, Nicola Chang, Maisie Lawrence, Own it Books, and Rocking Chair Books.

What is a manuscript assessment?

A manuscript assessment is a report that provides practical guidelines for further self-editing, as well as structural advice about technical elements, showing you what you’re doing well, what’s working less well and why. The assessment is meant as a tool for you to use for further self-editing and is not a close line-edit / proofread. 

How much does it cost?

The Next Chapter is competitively priced at £990 for REWRITE Members and £1,275 for Non-REWRITE Members for the entire 12-16 months. 

What is included in the fee? 

  • An initial meeting with Christina, outlining your goals and aspirations for the mentoring period. We’ll create a submissions schedule based on your goals and lifestyle 
  • 4 – 6 written reports over the course of up to 12 months, on 4 – 6 submissions of 10,000 words each (or the equivalent in short stories/poetry) With a follow-up meeting via Zoom (1.5 hours each)
  • One full manuscript assessment (up to 90,000 words) by a second reader (editor or published writer) hand-picked for you at the end of your mentoring sessions 
  • A meeting with a literary agent or publisher with the chance to pitch your book
  • A chance to meet and connect with fellow mentees
  • 25% off all REWRITE events for the duration of your mentorship

Key points

Delivered online via email & Zoom

Timeline – 12-16 months from January 2023

Fee – £990 for REWRITE Members and £1,200  for non-REWRITE Members 

Can I pay in instalments?

Payment is required upfront, or in three instalments. When applying, please ensure you can commit to the full length of the programme. You will be provided with a contract outlining your commitment. Please note, no refunds are available once the mentoring has begun.

How do I apply?

 Applications close on Friday 30th September. To apply, please complete our application form. For queries, email: